Panel 8

Rainbow of hope Panel 8Eyes burn into my dark cloud. Some bright, others bring pain. The eyes of the world burn into my back. The gossips bark their biting words… Sticks and stones may break my bones but names CAN also hurt me. Both will surely be a part of my life, but I strive forward, walking on fast, almost running.

The MIRROR in front of me shows what remains behind. I catch the SUN and for a short time the EYES are smothered by the power of light. They are aflame and they burn in their own judgments of me. They added to the clouds once and I am sure will again.

But today they are under my control. I don’t run from them, I run to a brighter future. Tomorrow I may feel down again or maybe not, but one day soon I will turn and face my judgment makers and make them answer my questions. I have power and I have love. Join me if you care, dismiss me if you don’t but make a choice for YOU.


Rainbow of hope panel 8 Jessica

Artist: Jessica