Panel 7

Rainbow of hope Panel 7I AM HIV-POSITIVE AND THAT’S THAT!! The BOOK in HAND is the book that gave me a SHOCK. A book that started me moving forward and living my life with HIV. I started reading more and more, got used to it every day reading these books about HIV & AIDS. The HIV INFO book told me there are tablets and medicine at the hospital. I started taking my MEDICINE (drawn in my head) now I’m feeling stronger.

I’m looking after my body and living great. The EYES at the BACK of me are looking down at me saying I can’t live with HIV & AIDS and gossiping about me, saying bad things about me. The FACES in FRONT of me are the people that are looking after me, helping me to take my medicines and always telling me that I CAN live a long life with this virus, even live a close life with them.


Rainbow of hope panel 7 Kenneth2

Artist: Kenneth

I have learnt a lot of things about HIV and AIDS and I am ready to teach others.  Here we learn about things that are happening outside and things that are happening in life and it helps you from not doing crime and not getting bored.  It’s also a place where anyone can come at anytime. Everyone is welcome.