Panel 6

Rainbow of hope Panel 6I have a dream to be healthy, being there for other people, looking forward and seeing everything positive. This dream will come true with Small vision in my mind. The shooting star dropping down and flowing into my body to making it Big and helping me fight for my life with other people around me that are living with the virus. Show us to stand up and think positive. Being together for who we are and who we will be in the future. Feeling that special need to grow That positive mind I can have to go forward in life. You see the PUMP, it fills me with hope. A hope that flows into my body, Streams through my veins. My life has got energy and hope.

I face so many difficulties. People are trying to push me down but I will not fail. No matter what you think of me I can get there in the end. Seeing the BALANCE….. full of FLOWERS. First the flowers were dead but now everything lives, changes and grows. The big RAINBOW surrounds me, giving me the protection I need. It is full of energy support from other people. My dream coming true…..Being myself.


Rainbow of hope panel 6 Sharon

Artist: Sharon

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