Panel 5

Rainbow of hope Panel 5I’m learning fast but may still fall, I’m trying to stand up, but I can’t. The MAGNET is trying to pull me up to help me start my future. My HEART is beginning to close up and start to pump and I get more power to help me stand up. My TEARS are falling because I can’t stand up I face my future and life ahead. At first my future looked bleak. I couldn’t see far until my tears fell on the roots of the TREE. It like me started to grow.


Rainbow of hope panel 5 Olwethu

Artist: Olwethu

I am a Young Youth Ambassador… it means I have the knowledge and I have to pass it on to the younger kids and I have to have the confidence to do what I am doing. I enjoy what I am doing and doing it with care. MADaboutART is about working with young kids and supporting people with HIV. It’s about HIV and AIDS and knowing yourself.

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