Panel 4

Rainbow of Hope Panel 4A seed of hope begins to grow inside me. The SUN shines on the CRYSTAL and it forms a RAINBOW. The rainbow represents a new tomorrow. I feel like standing up but there are things that are pulling me back again. The judgments and blame I am facing is holding me back. The NEW SEED I have planted shows I am beginning to look to the future.


Rainbow of hope panel 4 Joseph Alridge

Artist: Aldridge & Joseph

Aldridge - I take challenges and I am not afraid to talk to people and I am always honest. If someone asks me about something about HIV I will tell them the right information that I know and if I do not know I will ask. I will search and find out about things I am not sure about.

Joseph - My job is learning things and helping others learn also. If people have misunderstandings I help them look at these and maybe get things a little better. I am a good Young Youth Ambassador because I have respect for others and because I can help other people. MADaboutART keeps kids out of the street, they can come here to play and have fun as well as work.

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