Panel 3

panelimageW10 Panel 6Questions…………? It can’t be me! It must be. I’m me! I’m fighting the virus that fills me, forgiving myself yet still at times asking WHY ME? I’m trying to overcome my situation positively. At times I can’t stand up because the virus is like a tight rope around my feet. In my feet the RED RIBBONS are there because. I live in a Positive community. My dream is to be one day helping other people in hospitals to work with people and helping them. I want to be a person with Life. I the artist stand firm and help you rise.


pageimageW10 ROH panel 3 Ebby

Artist: Ebby

I am 15. I started in 2003. The reason why I stayed is to make myself a better person and go further in the future and help others. A Young Youth Ambassador is someone that participates and is a role model for others. If the Youth Ambassadors take the next step up then we will take their role. And we need to have the skills they have.

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