Panel 17

Rainbow of hope Panel 17Happiness. We’re together for life. Our family is strong in its love for each other. The CANDLES symbolise light in our future, our hope and wishes to live longer. The HEART is our love for each other. The RED RIBBONS symbolise living with HIV with as partners, we can still live a happy life and make informed choices and decisions.

I’m not going to cry. I’m not going to cry for all these years we were tied up with chains, we could not fight you virus: what ever you are. Somehow, somewhere out there we knew there was hope. We knew that the Lord God would never let us down. We knew that someday He will answer our prayers and that day has come.

We are very sorry virus: whatever you are but we found love and happiness by hearing the birds singing, smelling the freshness of the trees. We are very sorry but you cannot control our blood and veins now. We are very happy that the chains are broken. We are very happy now knowing the people. You who pointed fingers at us stopped doing it. Our diamond hearts are pumping so fast just because of happiness. We are proud to be human and not the virus. We are talking about happiness.


Rainbow of hope panel 17 Siphiwe Patricia

Artist: Patricia

My role here is to giggle to show people what a good place this is. I show children what can be learned and what can be changed and do anything I can to protect the community by telling them what I know about HIV and AIDS. I have been coming here since 2002. First I thought this is a place to experience new things in life and one day I could tell my children I was there at a special time and place and that I learned things in life I did not know before. I know how to depend on myself today and I am thinking that MADaboutART is a part of that.

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