Panel 16

Rainbow of Hope Panel 4My baby is beautiful, I feel strong and powerful. I longed for a baby, why should they judge me? I’m sad but looking forward. I have what I need but I still feel sad. I need a baby to love, I need to be wanted. Some-one to be close to, some-one to hold. Some-one to say God gave her to me, she’s mine.

The CHAINS represent judgments that people are putting on me. Me for being pregnant and HIV-positive. People within my community judge me for what I have [HIV], Not Me for who I really am. They think because I’m HIV-positive I can’t have a baby, it’s a curse and that I’m selfish for having a baby while knowing my status. My heart is wiggly with love and positivity. I’m good because I feel great and no-one can say anything to me that’s hurtful and suppressive.

The TREE growing from my brain shows I’m positive about the future. A future for me and my baby. The chains are getting loose. I’m no longer holding back. I’m free from negative space. My love for my baby has grown stronger and more positive. After everything I have been through during my pregnancy I have become bolder. I have started to accept I’m HIV-positive. The future for my baby has grown more positive. The YELLOW inside my baby indicates that the baby is healthy and the GREY inside my whole body shows how I became positive-minded.

My BRAIN is open-minded about my status. I have more knowledge than ever. The HANDS around my body are comforting me . Showing the people who are supporting me. Those who understand what I have been going through, they have stopped judging me for my status.


Rainbow of hope panel 16 Princilla Beaty

Artist: Princilla & Beauty