Panel 14

Rainbow of hope Panel 14We grow stronger in love, knowing what might be. Once I felt lost, love and support was nowhere to be found. Everything felt dark like a misery to me. Nothing and no-one even noticed or cared about me. Everything was dead inside me. I felt like a rose about to collapse or gold that is about to loose it’s value. Judgments and blame were all that I that I faced. I thought I lost it all, just wanted to hide, because to me it felt like life wasn’t worth living anymore.

As time went on I met the light of my misery. Finally everything became light in my darkness. The candle of hope started to burn inside me. Now I can say, everything was dead and came alive once again I became a better person. Now I believe in myself. I started to rise again. I am what I am and won’t be someone others want me to be. We really find support in each other. Even though I am HIV-positive, he will always be there for me. We give each other a shoulder to lean on.

HEARTS show love flowing from each other. He accepts me for who I am and doesn’t push me away for what I have. The ROPE symbolises strength because we both have strength to go on with our lives. The RED RIBBON shows HIV brings us closer together so the rope will never be broken again by anyone or any judgments. Not even HIV will separate us. Is our vision for a big and happy future together? The TREE ROOTS are a sign we are strong and won’t give up easily. The CANDLE represents the hope I have finally started to find. The VEINS show we feel stronger and find motivation in each other we never had before.


Rainbow of hope panel 14 Chantelle Shaida

Artist: Chantelle & Shaida