Panel 13

Rainbow of Hope Panel 4We long for each other. Why should we be apart? This CLOUD above my head symbolises that I’m still not sure how I’m going to tell my partner about my status. This heavy cloud feeling like rain wants to burst out of its darkness, wanting to get everything that’s inside me out to open until there’s nothing inside me. Pouring negative feelings out of my heart until nothing is left inside me just feelings of love, hope and peace for our future.

The RED RIBBONS in my head show I always think about my HIV status and I want my partner to respect and love me for myself and not my status. I hope he will accept me and take away the dark cloud that’s hanging over my head and light my candle of hope. My candle of hope was dead. I waited, waited for him to light my way into a brighter future in partnership. The CANDLE symbolises hope, peace and unity between us. There will always be understanding, the brightness of our future light at the end of a dark tunnel. The candle is not burning because I wait for him to help light my way. Is he is going to light it or turn his back on me? Is he going to accept me or not?

The ROPE symbolises strength and power – the power to lift me up in times of hardship when I feel like giving up. The one who will always pull me up when I’m down. The ropes are half in his arm and half in mine because I wait for him to bind our love together. The TORNADO of love and hearts flying came so quickly and swept me off my feet. I was so happy and free and loved without any judgment. It’s so strong and powerful and it keeps me strong. He’s thinking of our love and togetherness and our future. The bright colours represent a brighter future. The VEINS symbolise the unity of our minds. We are both are on the same flow, like blood running through our bodies. The HEARTS are half on each side because he will make me whole.


Rainbow of hope panel 13 Boniswa

Artist: Boniswa & Siphiwe