Panel 12

Rainbow of hope Panel 12A chance to be normal. I feel bold and strong. I’m starting to take my first steps to reach love and support with a person who will accept ME as I am. I’m relieved from denial that once was not me. I found out I am HIV-positive, then knew i was ME.

I decided to go further with ME in my life. To stand up for myself to see what life is all about. To feel what other people feel too. So now in this step where I am, I’m looking for a person who will make me happy. To accept me for who I am and to share. The TORNADO is pushing me forward, full of power.

I am very positive. I will find happiness and I will find support. I will live a big LIFE. I am my own future.


Rainbow of hope panel 12 Kaya

Artist: Kaya

We need young people - they are the future of tomorrow and the virus is affecting lots of young people. I enjoy when we make art -things like the Rainbow of Hope because the rainbow helps people with HIV get to know the steps they may follow to go further with their lives. I like the art attacks and ice breakers too.