Panel 11

Rainbow of hope Panel 11I am who I am. My light burns bright just like yours. At first I couldn’t believe I am HIV-positive, now I do accept. I choose to go on with my life. I’m relieved from all my problems. I can face the world again. I move on with my life. I don’t look back again.

The VOLCANO is my anger coming out. I’m more relieved then ever, all the hurt, judgments and blame I was facing is coming out. The volcano explodes to show I’m strong. SMOKE is coming out of my nose, eyes and ears. The smoke is the power inside Me. The power I have to look forward to a new future.

The WEIGHT shows I’m relieved. I can stand up for myself. I don’t care what people say, I am what I am. I have the power, I face those who judge and blame me. I’m strong and happy because of love, support and information.


Rainbow of hope panel 11 Rochelle

Artist: Rochelle