Panel 10

Rainbow of hope Panel 10WHY? The QUESTION MARKS are red. Because it hurts. I’m asking my community why they are treating me like this. The SNAKE shows people see me as a dangerous. They are scared to be around me. STOP! Stop and think. Don’t criticise me.

The ROAD in my legs shows that every time I walk in the street I ask myself why. WHY? you people don’t want me near them. Why? you cross to the other side. RAINDROPS show the Discriminations and Judgments of people I come across.

In my right hand a DEAD CANDLE, at first I believed in myself. WHY? people of MY community did you came along with YOUR judgments and blame and blew the candle of hope out. In my left hand the BURNING CANDLE. I have realised something special in myself. HOW? I can make people realise what HIV is all about.


Rainbow of hope panel 10 Rieced Linden

Artist: Reiced & Linden

Reiced - I have been coming to MADaboutART from the start, maybe 2001. When I first came I did it to make the people that asked us to come feel good if I am honest. And then I came because MADaboutART taught us a different skill - from art we put our feelings into drawings and paintings and that was a challenge for me and I had interest in it. From then on I came not to satisfy others but for me and it has opened a lot of doors for me.
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Linden - A Young Youth Ambassador facilitates sharing information. When you teach someone you tell him or her but when you facilitate it is a different way - your way. I have been here since 2003. My favourite bit has to be the Rainbow of Hope because I learnt a lot of stuff like self confidence and staying focused.