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HIV Education

Reducing the impact of HIV on vulnerable children

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Youth Development

Leading, innovating, advocating - young people making a difference 

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Social Enterprise

Creating economic opportunity through tourism and art

MADaboutART is a community-based organisation which aims to reduce new HIV infections in children and young people. We are based in the Western Cape of South Africa. Key aspects of our work are youth leadership development, HIV and AIDS education and community action.

Our programme provides a unique mix of interactive learning and narrative therapy designed to increase children's knowledge of HIV and AIDS and reduce risk-taking by increasing self-esteem and self-advocacy. Our model of 'experiential' learning encourages participation and provides a 'learning by doing' environment which supports children to learn, grow stronger and make positive choices for their future.

Independent evaluation showed MADaboutART's programme has significant positive impact on children's emotional and social wellbeing compared to a control group (2010*). *International AIDS Impact Conference, Gaborone, September 2009 and Journal of Tropical Medicine and International Health, 2011



Day in the Township by Sharon Froechlick (2013).


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